'The Walking Dead' Spoilers, Review, What Happens Next?

Behind the scenes the pickles were

EXCLUSIVE: "The Walking Dead" Boss Spills on That Shocking Lie-Filled Reunion, and the "Brutal" Savior War Ahead! When Carl went to get close to the animal, he was accidentally shot by a hunter.

Say Yes was not the episode that should have have aired at such an important time. Thank you, Greg Nicotero, for directing an awesome episode.

Ultimately, this week becomes The Rick & Michonne Show, as they scrounge for supplies and have hot sex between awesome-looking zombie-kills. And then of course, there was a bunch of love-making.

"You asked me what kind of life we had just surrendering". This is a really rough conversation, especially for those of us who want to believe Richonne is an unstoppable force. Well they did. This was a slow burn. It something you haven't seen in Rick since probably Season 1 or 2, if ever.

The show's six and a half season history is full of some of the most unbearable characters on TV during short stretches of time. Back in Episode 4, Michonne killed that deer and dragged its carcass all the way back to camp, only for Rick to tell her to hand over her gun-and the deer-to Negan, because he can't risk losing her. For awhile, she's thinking what we're thinking: that Rick is a goner. The chemistry between these two was really evident in this episode so beautifully written by Matt Negrete.

They're able to in a way unlock each other. Their relationship has a deep history and yet this is all so new between them. The dynamics between the two of them were certainly fun to watch. Rick and Michonne finally hit the right note with their on-screen chemistry but an entire episode should not have been sacrificed for it to happen.

Rick has (is nearly literally a thing?) had his spirit taken out of his being and beaten to death. Michonne tells him that since the Saviors practically reign over this new world, someone will have to lead the new dynasty in Negan's absence. Maybe a lot of them.

Their moods improve even more upon finding, like, a metric ton of MREs, canned goods, bottled water and other supplies. For one, she's extremely knowledgeable about the show, and she's not one of those people who goes on there or gives halfhearted answers to various questions. They could escape by the skin of their teeth, but they could also just as easily lose their lives. If something happens to him, Rick wants Michonne to move on and build a future for Alexandria. It's about the future. She begins talking about what will happen after they manage to take out Negan and the Saviors. I mean, what would we be missing?

With that, the couple heads back to The Scavengers' trash fortress to present Jadis (Pollyanna Macintosh) and her silent band of soldiers with their haul.

"I'm ready to kill him, but I need to make sure you know what this means", Sasha says. How's that taste, Jadis?

We get a couple of glimpses of a pensive Tara as she battles with herself over whether she should tell Rick about the women at Oceanside who are straight up packing. Week to week I would wonder why Tara wasn't saying anything about the huge stash of guns at the little beach community. The chemistry is better here, and Danai Gurira owns the scene as well as she owns the battlefield, letting a tender side show just enough for us to understand that there is love here. Well, it's obviously more than that. Do they know the compound as well as they think they do? Tara planning to bring the Oceanside colony into the fold also feels pointless. A few characters couldn't help but continue to demonstrate their comically poor decision making.

Carol still loves Rick, Daryl and the others very deeply. Although this does not apply to Glenn's death because he was groomed in almost episode from the beginning of the show, it does apply to the deaths of other characters such as Abraham, Deanna, Andrea and Herschel. Now, it seems Rosita might be next to go. Perhaps neck-deep would be more appropriate, given that this past week's issue ended with Andrea, still alive in the comics and thriving as Rick's girlfriend and second-in-command, sustaining an apparent zombie bite or scratch to the neck - an irreversible death sentence, assuming the wound does indeed come from a walker. "I was gonna use it".

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