Facebook leaked documents show types of content it allows

Facebook leaked documents show types of content it allows

Internal company documents, leaked to The Guardian, detail the rules for allowing or rejecting content on violence, including live-streaming self-harm, racism, hate speech, terrorism and pornography. In a post on Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said his company aims to make it faster for moderators to determine which posts violate community standards, but the Guardian noted that moderators have said they're at times forced to make decisions in as few as 10 seconds.

Numerous rules have caveats, The Guardian discovered, based on its analysis of more than 100 secret training manuals, spreadsheets, and flow charts.

The documents revealed that Facebook reviews more than 6.5 million reports of potentially fake accounts per week, known as FNRP (fake, not real person).

Facebook has come under increased pressure in recent months over its influence on nearly two billion active users and the control it has over the content that appears on the platform. One source says the company simply can't handle all the content and that it has grown "too big, too quickly".

However, while videos of violence or death are "disturbing", moderators are told to be aware that they may also be a means of "documenting atrocities" and can "help create awareness" of issues such animal cruelty or non-sexual child abuse.

Facebook's head of global policy management Monike Bickert told the newspaper it was hard to reach a consensus on what to allow with almost two billion users.

The same slide indicates Facebook moderators would not remove a comment that says: "To snap a b--h's neck, make sure to apply all your pressure to the middle of her throat".

Some photos physical abuse and bullying of children don't have to be deleted.

Facebook is also walking a fine line on self harm, and advising moderators to not take down live streams of users that talk about or threaten self harm.

Facebook Live, which allows people to livestream video of whatever they wish, has seen several high-profile acts of violence since it was released.

Violent deaths can stay, unless there is evidence of sadism or celebration, because they are disturbing but educational.

Facebook has said it is using image-matching technology to try and prevent explicit content from being posted to the site, and that its policy on sexual content was a high priority. Facebook said many people often turn to its platform to "express disdain or disagreement by threatening or calling for violence in generally facetious and unserious ways". Images of animal abuse can be shared but will be marked as "disturbing".

Posts not considered credible threats include "Let's beat up fat kids".

Imagine having to moderate two billion people from across the globe, all with different ideas about the world. It also makes exceptions when disturbing content may be able to spread awareness about a certain issue.

Facebook allows users to post videos of abortions, as long as they do not contain any nudity.

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