Nikolaj Coster-Waldau tells us what Jaime thinks about Cersei's big news

'Game Of Thrones' star spotted filming new Kasabian video in Leicester

However, those hackers have also leaked "Game of Thrones" content, including a script for Season 7′s Episode 5, titled "Eastwatch".

Fans have wondered if Cersei's announcement is genuine or not.

Sunday night's episode of Game of Thrones was a rapid fire reveal machine with character reunions and major plot points coming non-stop.

If you remember the recent sex scene between Jaime and Cersei that featured in "The Queen's Justice", you'll know exactly what Glover means here.

Let's unpack this Cersei-pregnancy-deal. This is Game of Thrones, after all.

"Valonqar" means "little brother" in Valyrian (that's GoT speak), so a lot of people have assumed that this means that Tyrion will one day kill his sister.

If the baby is born and goes on to live out at least one season, we reckon there may be some medical anomalies-with one potential outcome being, that the baby is born a dwarf.

After all, this seems like the obvious way for the show to circumvent the part of the prophecy that said she'd only have three children, and is definitely the kind of tactical move Cersei would make when backed into a corner. This isn't a surprise really, after all the season is only seven episodes long, and the penultimate season of the show, so the pace really does need to quicken. The speculation of many fans is that Aerys forced himself onto Johanna and got her pregnant with Tyrion. After all, she's clearly guarding her neck with a spiked necklace, but those spikes won't hurt a golden hand...

But what if-wait for it-Cersei's unborn child is whom the prophecy is referring? They gave us nonprocreative sex between a man and a woman, consistently give us examples of complicated female sexuality, and give female characters room to grow and feel. That would be uncommonly grotesque even for Game of Thrones, but it would certainly be an unexpected plot twist.

Things have always been hard on Game of Thrones. "And on top of that, there's that little tiny moment where he thinks, 'Is this possible?"

Still, Jaime could sound a bit more grateful.

As Rhaegar's only living son, that makes him rightful heir to the throne.

The answer is something the late Tywin Lannister would be proud of - Cersei has realized that she needs to meet with Daenerys Targaryen. not to align together in the face of an even graver threat as the Night's King and his army of the dead march into Westeros, but in order to win a war she can not win on the battlefield.

While the younger participants of the latest war for the Iron Throne are already filling the pages of the history about the Known World, older members like Ser Jorah and Thoros are left to retread their moments of glory under new allegiances. "This isn't a war we can win". Besides, what became of Greyworm and Euron? "He's shocked, of course, but he believes her because I think, when you look at Cersei, she actually seems surprisingly happy", said Coster-Waldau.

In the preview of the sixth episode, The Blood of the Dragon, we finally find them confronting the White Walkers.

Throughout the show, Cersei has consistently misinterpreted the prophecy and in trying to escape her fate has accidentally fulfilled it.

Star India now owns the rights to air and stream various HBO titles, including Game of Thrones.

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