Real life heroes turned-movie stars

How accurate is The 15:17 To Paris

He continues that streak with this telling of the August 21, 2015, terrorist attack on a train from Amsterdam to Paris, which was thwarted by several civilians, including three off-duty American servicemen.

A lawyer for the man suspected to be behind the attack, Ayoub El-Khazzani, said the movie presented a "fictionalised" and "one-sided" account of the incident, the BBC reports.

The prolific Clint Eastwood in his passion to infuse realisms in the action drama casts the heroes who stopped the attack in his tribute and follows their course of lives, from the struggles of childhood through finding their footing in life, to the series of unlikely events leading up to the attack where they rose to the occasion and saved lives of the more than 500 passengers on board.

"I don't know, man".

"It's pretty essential to the story", Skarlatos told The Christian Post of their faith and the role it played in their survival. (The invitation to imagine a scowling Eastwood blocking out a bump-and-grind club scene in an Amsterdam nightclub offers more genuine entertainment than most Hollywood pictures dumped in cinemas during this, or any, season.) Throughout the film, Sadler's character (who is Sadler himself) compulsively stops to pose for "selfies". It was too astronomical for it to be just chance.

"It looked like it was jammed or it wasn't working, and he was trying to charge the weapon", he told press gathered at the USA embassy in Paris. In this film Eastwood declares an "it was meant to be" undercurrent into the incident, portraying the three heroes as angels who were part of a mystic prophesy to thwart the Islamic infidels. He was also unable to have his preferred job in the military and was trained as a medic instead.

As for the veracity of the film, Skarlatos says the movie captures "who we are as people, how we interact with each other and how the events transpired on the train". Their conversations rarely amount to much more than small talk and commenting on whatever ancient ruin or landscape is in front of them, so it's tough to get inside their heads as adults.

The three friends hope the film will deliver the message that ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things and that every life has a objective.

They ended up in the train auto where they stopped the attack because they moved for better wireless internet access. So we went back into the greenroom and said we have this book coming out and you should make the movie!

While on the train, the men were awakened by the sound of glass shattering.

Khazzani was already on the authorities watch list for supporting Islamic terrorism and attending a radical mosque.

Stone encounters failure after failure and appears on the verge of a life of anger and frustration, but that never happens. Here its sheer padding till the actual event occurs when Stone and his friends prevent the attempt of a man carrying an assault rifle and almost 300 rounds of ammunition.

"That was an intense flashback", said Stone of re-creating that moment onscreen.

In his landmark essay on late-career style, Edward Said noted that an artist's final-years work is generally seen as an attempt to establish a sense of "harmony and resolution" with an existent canon.

Though the sequences of the actual heroism on the Paris-bound train are fully as crisp and involving as you'd expect, the other sections of the film intent on demonstrating how undeniably everyday the three participants were up to that crucial moment, fall regrettably flat.

"The gun was functioning fine, but it was a faulty bullet", Skarlatos explained to CP. Another passenger, the 51-year-old French-American Mark Magoolian, then succeeded in wrestling El Khazzani's assault rifle from him, before, as shown in the movie, El Khazzani used a concealed pistol to shoot Magoolian in the back. "So when he tried to shoot me there was nothing in it". In fact, Skarlatos said, it's an acknowledgement of the fact that both he and Stone "literally grew up on (Eastwood's) movies".

In the film, Stone asks Sadler, "Do you ever feel like life is pushing us toward something, some greater objective?" "There's no denying it". "But now I see that was important because it explains a lot of how we worked together during the attack".

"If there was a line we didn't feel was right he said just throw it out".

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